Kinloch Historical Society

Promoting heritage and genealogy of Kinloch.

Covering the areas from Soval to Aline, taking in Shieldinish, Seaforth Head, and Eishken, Isle of Lewis.


Promoting Heritage and Genealogy in Kinloch.

Kinloch Historical Society (Comunn Eachdraidh Cheann a Loch) covers the areas from Soval to Aline, taking in Shieldinish, Seaforth Head, and Eishken, Isle of Lewis. The group is based in Balallan School and has extensive records on genealogy and a collection of local artefacts in their museum. If you would like assistance tracing your ancestors we’d be happy to help. Contact our archive at:

The recently refurbished Kinloch Community Hub, which opened in 2019, is situated on the main road midway between Stornoway and Tarbert on the A859. Spacious car parking and electric car charging points are available.

Press Release

Kinloch Historical Society (KHS) are delighted to announce that it has secured a two- year funding package from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Museum Galleries Scotland and Muaithaebhal Community Wind Farm Trust.

The funding of £96,626 from the National Lottery Fund will enable us with support from other funders to maintain one post, that of Heritage Manager and create a new Museum Community Engagement Post. In addition, this funding will support volunteer training, community events allowing us to develop partnerships with other museums such as the National Museum of Scotland and to bring new exhibitions to Kinloch.

Caroline Clark, The National Lottery Heritage Fund Director for Scotland, said: “Kinloch Historical Society has ambitious and well thought out plans that will raise the profile of the rich local heritage and create new opportunities for the community. Thanks to National Lottery players our support will let them deliver those plans.” 

The funding of £67,732 from Museum Galleries Scotland will contribute to the Museum Community Engagement post and allow us to undertake a number of significant upgrades within the museum that will ensure we meet the required standards to house exhibitions and loans such as the local Archaeology presently housed in The National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

Gilian Simison, Head of Museum Development at MGS said “Kinloch Historical Society is committed to developing it’s connections with local communities and schools as well as visitors. It’s exciting to see this recently Accredited Museum taking these next steps to bring collections of local and national significance to the area, helping them better tell the story of the community.”

Muaitheabhal Community Wind Farm Trust (MCWFT) have contributed £30,000 which will go towards retaining the post of Heritage Manager and also enable us to purchase a new Content Management System to ensure our records are secure.

Iain Maciver, Chairperson of Muaitheabhal Community Wind Farm Trust stated “we are pleased to support the Historical Society’s ambitious development plans to progress through our grant of £30,000. The Trust’s local support has hopefully enabled the Society to secure funding in excess of £250k, geared towards the need to attain long term sustainability for what is a much-valued, multifaceted complex at the heart of our local community.”

Kinloch Historical Society will contribute £16,195 over the two years and this is further underpinned by awards from Bord Na Gaidhlig and CNES-Crown Estates for projects that are already underway.

A spokesperson for KHS stated that this funding package will enable us to make a significant step change in the exhibitions and displays within Kinloch Museum. Equally important will be the two jobs in an area where local jobs are not readily available. Perhaps the biggest long-term effect will be the opportunity to involve more of the community in learning about our local heritage, traditions, and oral history.

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